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Our Professional Graphic Designer Certification Program is a comprehensive and hands-on journey into the world of graphic design. This program is ideal for aspiring designers, creative enthusiasts, and professionals looking to enhance their design skills. Throughout this course, you will learn the essential design principles, master industry-standard software tools, and develop a portfolio showcasing your creative abilities. This program offers a perfect blend of theory and practical skills to prepare you for a successful career as a graphic designer or to enhance your existing skill set. Our experienced instructors and industry-relevant curriculum ensure that you graduate with the confidence and expertise needed to excel in the competitive world of graphic design. Enroll in our Professional Graphic Designer Certification Program today to embark on an exciting journey toward becoming a skilled and sought-after graphic designer.

• History of graphic design
• Fundamentals of design principles (such as composition, balance, contrast, etc.)
• Introduction to design software (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.)
• Basics of typography
• Color theory
• Advanced techniques in Adobe Photoshop
• Image manipulation and editing
• Digital illustration techniques
• Advanced typography principles
• Font creation and manipulation
• Typographic hierarchy
• Typesetting and layout
• Print Design
• Designing for print media (brochures, posters, flyers, etc.)
• Prepress and print production processes
• Understanding print materials and finishes
• Basics of HTML and CSS
• User experience (UX) design principles
• Designing for responsive web
• Introduction to web design software (Adobe XD, Sketch, etc.)
• Creating logos and visual identities
• Branding guidelines and standards
• Corporate identity design
• Introduction to Adobe After Effects
• Animation techniques
• Kinetic typography
• Video editing basics
• Building a professional portfolio
• Presentation skills
• Self-promotion and marketing
• Freelancing vs. working for an agency
• Client relations and communication
• Project management
• Legal and ethical considerations in graphic design
• Advanced topics in specific software or techniques • Specialized areas of interest (such as illustration, packaging design, UI/UX design, etc.)


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